Imagination Station Montessori 

Preschool & Kindergarten


From Our Director...

Dear Parent,


A place where children learn and grow together through creative activities and educational programs carefully guided by a warm and caring teaching staff.

Our little school operates as a whole unit as you do in your home. Children can flow through the house rather than being limited to one room. We feel that this teaches the children to share spaces and learn to cooperate with one another. Older children are encouraged to be helpful with younger children on a daily basis.

Academics are a great concern to many parents. The children at Imagination Station Montessori will be encouraged to learn to do many things when when they express the interest to do so. They will not be "pushed" because they are at a certain age and it is expected of them. All children progress at their own rate. The children will be taught to use their creativity, express feelings, and learn to enjoy their imagination. In time, when they are ready, the academics will come.

Our objective is to teach children as you would in your home with patience, love, understanding, and guidance. We are not only concerned with their educational achievements, but also their social development and awareness of the world around them. We introduce the concept of table manners, politeness, emotions and attitudes, sharing, nature, grooming, and healthy living.

We invite you to come aboard at any time for a tour of our school and we look forward to having your child join our family.


Kim Vukelja
Program Benefits... 
  • We accept Child Care Vouchers.
  • We are a VPK provider.
  • We are a NAC accredited program.
  • We have a large outdoor playground.
  • We offer a Montessori environment and curriculum.
  • We have a dedicated, well-trained staff. 
  • We care for each child as an individual.
  • We maintain low student/teacher ratios.
  • We are open year-round.
  • We offer a quality Kindergarten program.
  • We allow the children to learn by DOING and PLAYING instead of sitting and listening. 
Please go to our page "About Our School" for more information about the programs offered.

Children are accepted to our program on a First-Come, First Served basis. When necessary, we will place a family on our Waiting List. Families on the Waiting List are contacted as soon as space becomes available.

On your child's first day of school, all necessary paperwork must be completed and submitted to the school. This includes the:

Enrollment Form (Download Form)
Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment (Download Form)

In addition, you must submit your child's immunization record (blue form #680 or 681), AND physical examination record (yellow form 3040). These are available from your child's health care provider.

Imagination Station Montessori does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic status, or ability.

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