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About Our School

Our Program
We are licensed to accept children from the age of 1 year through Kindergarten. We participate in special programs, such as VPK and Step Up For Students, which, for elligible families, can ease the financial obligations of quality child care and education. Please go to our page "For Families" for more information about the programs offered.
Our History
The original Imagination Station began in Port Orange in the fall of 1984. The small school was opened by two friends, Kim Vukelja and Willa Keefer, who were both passionate about providing families with high-quality care and education for their young children. The classrooms were designed to be prepared environments in which the children could reach their full potential. The school grew into a thriving and sucessful program.

Ten years later, a school in Daytona became available. Seeing a need for quality care in that area of the Beachside, and ready to expand their school family, Kim and Willa bought the school. After some remodeling and updating, the school re-opened in 1995 as Imagination Station Too. The new site featured a program which put into practice more of Dr. Montessori's theories and teachings. As a matter of neccessity, Willa remained at the Port Orange school while Kim took on the daily operations of the new facility. The schools became separate coorporations in the spring of 1997.

Today, Imagination Station Montessori is widely known and well-respected in the Central Florida area. This excellent reputation has grown by the use of effective, proven methods of teaching by a caring and dedicated staff. The majority of the teaching staff has been with the school for many years, proof of their belief in the program, their loyalty to the administration, and their love of the profession. With this outstanding comibantion of a proven program and outstanding staff, Imagination is a leader in quality Early Childhood Education.
Our Programs
We are licensed to care for children age 1 year through Kindergarten. Children are graduated to the next age group when, as a team, the parents, Teachers, and Director feels the child will best benefit from the change in environment. This may or may not happen in accordance with the child's chronological age. 

Toddler Program (Age 1-3 years):
Children in the Toddler Program will learn the basic self-care skills of using the toilet, washing their own hands and face, and changing their clothes. In addition, they will develop other skills toward independence such as pouring and spooning. Foundational academic skills such as naming colors and shapes will begin, along with counting objects and recognizing common items found in a wide range of environments. These skills are all presented in a nurturing environment using songs, games, and interesting materials.

Pre-Primary Program (Age 3-5):
In the Pre-Primary Classrooms, the basics acquired in the Toddler Program are built upon. Lessons are presented in Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Science, Art, Geography, and History. These lessons are offered in a progression that ensures a balance between challenging the child to reach for understanding and mastery, without being so difficult as to be overwhelming or frustrating for him. At this age, the children are also introduced to our Peace Curriculum, which teaches tolerance, patience, understanding, and a desire for a peaceful and caring atmosphere.

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (Age 4 by September 1st):
The Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) program is a State-funded program offered to all children
age 4 by September 1st of the current academic year. Parents interested in enrolling their child in this program need to make an appointment with the Early Learning Coalition of Flagler and Volusia. They can be reached at (386) 323-2400 or online at .

Kindergarten (Age 5 by September 1st):
Step Up for Students is a non-profit organization that administers the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship for low-income students. The scholzarship program was created by the Florida Legislature in 2001 and is funded by corporations that recieve a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for their contributions. To learn more, contact the program offices at (866) 590-5366 or online at .

Our Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. Denise Mueller, has been with the school since 1986. She holds an AA Degree and is Montessori Certified by AMS. She has been running the Kindergarten Program here since the first year it was offered. Patient and dedicated, she focuses on the academic as well as the social development of the children. 
Financial Assistance

We participate in special programs, such as VPK and Step Up For Students, which, for elligible families, can ease the financial obligations of quality child care and education.
Our Staff
At Imagination Station Montessori, safety is our primary concern. For this reason, we abide by State Law in the hiring process. This includes careful background screenings at both the State and Federal Level, fingerprinting, and an affidavit of Good Moral Character. Only AFTER these documents are recieved can the person be allowed on the premises is permitted. We all take great pride in our Administrators, the Teachers, and our program. Take a moment to find out more about our caring, talented staff:

Kim Vukelja
B.A.; Admistrator's Credential

Lead Montessori Directress--
Pre-Primary Class
Kindergarten Program Director and Teacher

Denise Mueller
A.A.; CDA; AMS Certification

Montessori Directresses--Pre-Primary Class
Viktoria Scholz
A.S.; CDA; Administrator's Credential; AMS Certification

Jennifer Donnelly
CDA; AMS Certification Pending

Lead Teachers
Lynette Wilson
CDA; Director's Credential

Stephanie Daraio
CDA; Director's Credential

Ivette Rodriguez
CDA; Director's Credential

Marjorie Jackson - CDA
Amanda Clow - CDA
Rasheeda Scott - 
Sandra del Toro Torres - B.A. Psychology
Iman Ali - B.A. Geography
Janice Logue - A.A.
Bria Quick - A.A.

Teachers Aide
Kaitlyn Daraio - Student DSC

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